Monday, 31 March 2014

Character Building: A Step for a Brighter and Better Future

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” 
                                                                                                            - John Wooden

‘Character’, well it seems to be just a nine letter word, but with the meaning of a million. It is something that defines the real you; that defines and guides your actions. If you go by the dictionary words, they sum up character as the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. Therefore, if you wish to stand out as an individual you need to give a thought to character building.

What is character building?
In case you have this little question hovering in your mind, allow us to help you. Character building means some really simple and intellectual steps that help in creating and boosting your distinctive personality.

The 4 stairs to Character Building
People generally believe that character is built and enhanced with time and life experiences, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Yes, the life experiences do play a great role in creating an individual’s character, but you need to put some extra efforts to bring things on the right track.
Though no institution can teach you on character building, it can certainly show you the path. The Punjab Technical University believes in crafting professionals by building character, and therefore has brought forward the following points for your assistance:
Set your principles
Being the superior race created by the almighty, we humans understand the basic difference between every right and wrong deed. Still, at times we fail to take the right decision. This happens because we don’t define a set of rules and principles for ourselves. So, the first step says that you need to set your principles, certain morals and ethics. Remember, these principles should not be implied forcefully, but by your happy willingness. 
Evaluate yourself on past experiences
Be it good or bad, past experiences always teach you something. You need to recollect the choices you made in the past, and evaluate that how far those decisions stood clear on your principles.
Be the change
The past cannot be changed, but the future can. ‘To err is human’, so don’t regret on any bad decision made in the past. Look forward and make sure not to repeat those mistakes in near future. Bring a change in yourself and stand firm on your self-made morals.
Give a daily check to your decision making power
Right from selecting the color of your attire, to selecting the way to success, every day you make numerous decisions. If you really wish to build a strong character, then stay more conscious while making choices.

You are now aware of what went wrong in the past, so just don’t let that happen again. The final call is always yours; make sure that you make it wisely.

The above stated are very simple steps for character building that can be really helpful for every individual. Punjab Technical University hopes you stay blessed with a strong character and thus enjoy a better and brighter future.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Internship- An Asset for a Healthy Career Growth

Internship is popularly known as the practical introduction to the education world.  It is not just a part of the student’s syllabus but, has also become a necessity for a continuous and positive career growth.

A formal introduction to the outer world of business and jobs is what internship brings us to.
Like every institute, the colleges at Punjab Technology University have also made it compulsory for every student doing professional degree to do a minimum 3 months internship.
But, more than just the certificate, PTU believes that internship is very important for the professional grooming of the students. Therefore, to assure that all its students get internships in respected organisations and companies around the world, PTU has associated with few of the top most companies across the globe.
Internship helps a student to earn and learn few of the best lessons of his professional life. This is the time when the student can actually learn the practicalities of the education and put into practice the tenets of theory. All these lessons are taught in the class but, internship takes a student far away from the classroom sessions to the world of true learning, where everything is learnt with the help of practical training.
The mistakes rectified and the strategies learnt during the internship period stays with the student for life long and help him paving a healthy and successful career path for himself.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Points to remember before going for a job interview!

Soon after you leave college, a number of things start knocking your head. From getting a job in a renowned organisation to fulfilling your parent’s expectations, leaving the cozy college environment to entering a new world of professionals. All these uncertainties keep bothering our mind. 

In an effort to get over these jitters and facilitate smooth changeover to a challenging professional career, Punjab Technical University brings some important tips to you straight from its counselor's desk:

Here are some of essential points you must have in mind while preparing for job interview.  This will give a good and powerful first impression about you during your interview.

1.         To start with, you should have a very well knitted resume designed as per the demands of the current market trends.

2.         Before going for the interview you must do your homework, i.e., do a good research about the company you are going to give interview in.

3.         While going for an interview, check your look, prepare your physical appearance to look attractive.

4.         Neat, clean and professional dress gives you a bonus point. Never choose casual dressings for your job interview.  Casual dress mostly ruins your first impression during such  interviews.

5.         Stand in front of mirror and speak and act as if you are in front the of interviewer. Check your body language while talking in the mirror.  It should reflect your confidence in whatever you say and your gestures.

6.         You should always have a positive attitude and a charm on your face and should never be rude at any time during the interview.

7.         Ensure that you had taken all of your required documents for the job interview.

8.         You must not fake for anything. Every single thing present in your resume should be based on facts and you must accompany your original certificates to prove their credibility.

9.         Always be truthful and forthright in answering every question with full confidence. Remember, even if you are not able to crack the interview, you are surely going to learn something out of the whole exercise.

10.     Smile gives you extra advantage during your job interview. So keep a smiling face.

11.     Along with a presentable resume and a good personality, you also need to have a mouldable attitude to adjust yourself in the environment of the office you would be joining in.

All these points would surely help you take a positive step towards your journey of a successful career. All the very best!   Stay Positive!