Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Internship- An Asset for a Healthy Career Growth

Internship is popularly known as the practical introduction to the education world.  It is not just a part of the student’s syllabus but, has also become a necessity for a continuous and positive career growth.

A formal introduction to the outer world of business and jobs is what internship brings us to.
Like every institute, the colleges at Punjab Technology University have also made it compulsory for every student doing professional degree to do a minimum 3 months internship.
But, more than just the certificate, PTU believes that internship is very important for the professional grooming of the students. Therefore, to assure that all its students get internships in respected organisations and companies around the world, PTU has associated with few of the top most companies across the globe.
Internship helps a student to earn and learn few of the best lessons of his professional life. This is the time when the student can actually learn the practicalities of the education and put into practice the tenets of theory. All these lessons are taught in the class but, internship takes a student far away from the classroom sessions to the world of true learning, where everything is learnt with the help of practical training.
The mistakes rectified and the strategies learnt during the internship period stays with the student for life long and help him paving a healthy and successful career path for himself.

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