Friday, 11 April 2014

Vote the Right with the ‘Right to Vote’

Amid all this Lok Sabha election buzz around the town, there was a group of youngsters saying, “Voting is nothing but crap, and the only good thing about it is that it gives us a public holiday.”

Strange and annoying! Isn’t it? If it’s annoying you also, then let’s change it or better, let’s be the change!!!  Voting is the right of every individual in democratic country - India. Each citizen is given the power to vote and select the right candidate for nation. However, it’s very sad to know that many of us are either not aware of this power, or are too lazy and ignorant to exercise it.

Taking the same into account, the faculty of Punjab Technical University decided to enlighten people on why is it important to vote. Thus, herein, we have mentioned top reasons to vote:

Voting is your right: Claiming and practicing your right to vote is a sensible decision that everyone should make. There is no point of having a right that you cannot or do not exercise.

Your vote is your voice: It’s very easy to blame the Government for every wrong deed happening around the country. It’s very easy to say that all our anger is a waste, as no one hears. At the same time, it is also very easy to be heard. If you are angry with the Government or a particular party for that matter, then cast your vote against it and speak your unheard words.

Each vote counts: Everyone feels that his or her individual vote is nothing more than a drop of water in an ocean, but they forget that every drop constitutes to make an ocean. Your single vote matters a lot, it has that power of bringing a change, so just don’t waste it.

A means to contribute to the nation: Voting is one of the best ways through which you can make a contribution towards the betterment of the nation. The Election Day is as important as Independence or Republic Day; the only difference is that we celebrate the latter two because of the contributions made by yesteryear heroes, and in the former, we are the heroes.

The feel good factor: When you vote, you get this ‘feel good feeling’ that you did something to bring a change. Even if your voted candidate doesn’t win, you at least tried, which is more important.

It’s just one day that PTU wants you to give to the nation

We are asking you to give just one day to the country, the rest 364 are only yours. In fact, casting a vote would only require an hour or maximum two, nothing more than that. However, just make sure that you don’t vote just for the sake of voting. Exercise your right for good, for change, for revolution. Vote the right candidate that you feel can make the scenario better. On this 30th April, 2014 (the decided date for Lok Sabha Elections in Punjab), PTU would be looking forward for maximum participation of all Indians, especially the youth. Remember, youth is the future; your one vote can actually make or break the destiny of the nation.

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