Tuesday, 20 May 2014

“University Campus” Program (UCP)

The Punjab Technical University and the Punjab Government have identified 30 of the top affiliated colleges of PTU as “University Campus” to provide high quality of education at an affordable cost. These affiliated colleges which have already been performing well academically have been taken under the supervision of PTU to further ensure academic excellence. The University Campus program will also work towards uniformly delivering high standards of education. The University Campuses have well developed infrastructure; state of the art technology; new and industry relevant course design and curriculum; highly trained professional faculty and most importantly, an affordable fee structure. The University Campuses are spread across various locations in the state of Punjab. Apart from having faculty from top IITs and NITs, efforts are being made for live streaming of lectures directly from IITs in some classes to ensure clear understanding of concepts.

Declining standards of education all across has resulted in students not acquiring the right skill for employment. This has resulted in genesis of the University Campus concept. The market today is swarming with numerous educational institutes. The student today is confused about the quality of education provided in any of the institutes making tall claims. Due to so much competition in the market between various colleges and universities for acquiring students, they completely ignore the core reason for existence of an educational entity that is to provide good education to the student to prepare them for a better future. The state of Punjab has created quality infrastructure of nearly 600-700 colleges in different parts of the state, the “University Campus” program being among the top, thereby showing ray of hope to numerous students for fulfilling their dreams. Punjab is committed to provide high quality of education and maintain that standard year after year.

The University Campuses will provide the best quality of education by infusing high delivery standards with highly knowledgeable faculty. The teaching module is designed in such a way that the students enrolled will be taught by the Professors of various IITs via a live streaming of the IIT classes for the respective course and subject. Currently the classes are being conducted for 12 subjects for Semester, Semester 3 and Semester 5, and the decision about continuation of this program and adding new subjects is likely to be taken in the next few days. Each class has an additional available teacher for further explanation and clearing of doubts on the respective subject. These teachers are highly qualified M.Techs from IITs/NITs itself and will be further trained by the Professors of IITs. The course curriculum and content is newly designed keeping in mind the current market requirements and industry relevance thus making the student more qualified and ready for the present job market . For more information you can visit our website: www.punjabtechuniversity.in

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